EXCLUSIVE FOOTAGE: Roberto 'Cyborg' Abreu No GI Half Guard, Supplex, Back Take, With Finish

Roberto Cyborg Abreu's "No Gi Tornado" 4 Disc DVD SET & Marcus Buchecha Almeida's "Total Control" CYBER WEEK BLOWOUT SALE!


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"Cyborg's No Gi Tornado"

"In this groundbreaking training you'll learn over 60 separate moves and positions directly from multiple time World Champion Roberto "Cyborg" Abreu..." -Gracie Mag

Special Message From Cyborg

Hey Guys! The time is finally here, I have put all my best moves into this 4 Disk series. All my years of hard training have led up to this point. Every one of the moves that I use to win the Worlds and so many other big tournaments, I included in this. People have been asking me for years to create some kind of No Gi Tornado Instructional and, reluctantly I did it. This is really a special opportunity for you to learn my best moves.

Here is what you get when you order my new No GI Tornado DVD Series

Disk #1:No Gi Tornado Half Guard
My best positions from My No Gi Half Guard including:

  1. How to properly set up the Tornado Sweep and half guard
  2. How to switch sides effectively and confuse your opponent
  3. Timing and how to catch your opponent off guard
  4. Telephone Arm Bar from The Tornado Half Guard
  5. Alternate Arm Bar Variations
  6. More Half Guard Armbars
  7. Kimura Grip Set Up To Triangle
  8. Half Guard Arm Trap Sweeps from Half Guard
  9. Sweep to Omoplata 
  10. Sweep to Omoplata Variation
  11. Rolling Leg Sweep
  12. Rolling Leg Sweep to Take The Back
  13. No Gi Tornado Sweep
  14. No Gi Tornado Sweep To Triangle
  15. No Gi Tornado Sweep To Reverse Triangle
  16. Tornado Omoplata Sweep
  17. Stand Up Knee Twist Sweep
  18. Foot Trip Sweep
  19. Half Guard To Single Leg
  20. Going Inverted To Take The Back 
  21. Half Guard Knee Bar

Disk #2: No Gi Guard Passing
Over best positions and drills on my No Gi guard passing into submissions including:

  1. 6 Secret Drills for Hip Flexibility and Going Upside Down 
  2. Guard Passing Set ups
  3. Step Out Pass
  4. Pass To Back Choke
  5. Rolling Toe Hold
  6. Spinning Kimura
  7. Movement Drills For Pasing The Guard
  8. Knee Slice Pass
  9. Punch Pass
  10. Pass To North South Choke
  11. Knee Pass to Take The Back 
  12. Inverted Kick Through Pass

Disk #3: No GI Submissions
Learn all my most effective submissions including:

  1. Side Control Tips
  2. North South Kimura
  3. North South Inverted Armbar
  4. Side Control Armbar
  5. Knee On Belly Set Up Tips
  6. Knee On Belly to Triangle
  7. Knee On Belly To Inverted Triangle
  8. Knee On Belly To Reverse Trainge
  9. Knee On Neck Choke
  10. Side Control To Knee On Neck
  11. Back Attack Tips
  12. One arm Rear Naked Choke
  13. One arm Rear Naked Choke Variation
  14. Inverted Triangle From The Back
  15. Inverted Triangle To Toe Hold
  16. Arm Bar From The Back
  17. Arm Bar To Triangle From The Back 

Plus you also receive a Bonus Features Disk with a $99 value for FREE, When you get my new No Gi Guard Secrets DVD, This bonus disk includes:

Disk # 4: Bonus Material

  1. Strength and Conditioning with me and my world class S/C Coach Ferrino, where we teach you the specific workout for you to maximize your training and effectivness, SPECIFIC for NO Gi Jiu JItsu
  2. You learn The Yoga Training Routine that gives me my crazy flexibility. My Yoga Teacher and I take you through a routine to ensure your flexibility on the mat
  3. Learn the mindset of a champion in a indepth interview about how to be a champion on the mats and in life and learn the mindset to win
  4. Experience The Jiu Jitsu Lifestyle with me and get access to our exclusive pro training sessions at Fight Sports in Miami

This will change your game.
All the moves I used to secure wins in The No Gi Worlds, 2013 ADCC Absolute Gold, and countless other tournaments. Start winning and never have to deal with that horrible feeling of walking off the mat without YOUR arm raised again !


4:28PM EST

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Marcus Buchecha Almeida's "Total Control System" 

Marcus Buchecha Almeida has

Won 6 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu World

Championships with one deadly

effective and…actually,

embarrassingly simple,

easy to use system.

If you are a White Belt or a Black Belt…


Dear Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Fighter:

Marcus Bucecha Ameida gives you, step by step, the simple BJJ system that can lead you to victory on the mat.

Most “normal” jiu jitsu guys waste their time on techniques and positions that do not work with a high percentage rate and that is why “most” Jiu Jitsu guys are at the bottom of the heap. 

Don’t be one of those guys.

Whether your already at the top of your BJJ game..  

           ..Or getting smashed every day!"

This COULD be the

MAJOR Turning point

in your  Brazilian Jiu Jitsu journey.

I remember when I first started Jiu Jitsu, everything was so overwhelming.

I am a bit embarassed to admit it but it was actually frightening to get on the mat. Have you ever felt like you just had NO IDEA what you were doing in certain positions?

It’s sucks, I know.

Well, you don’t have to deal with uncertainty and a lack of confidence when you know you are using a tested System that was developed by the BEST BJJ PLAYER IN THE WORLD.

If you want to start walking over higher belts and literally have tricks that work and special details to keep you ahead of the curve. Then you want to get in on this RIGHT NOW!!

-Bjj World Champion Executive Producer Ed Delahunty

Here is everything you get in Buchecha’s Total Control System. These moves have all been tested at the highest level of competition and work for just about all belt levels. This System is for any one who has a basic understanding of fundamentals and wants to take their game to a WHOLE NEW LEVEL:

Volume #1 

Half Guard Sweeps 

Learn The EXACT Half Guard Tositions IN EXTREME DETAIL That Buchecha Uses To Win Every Major Gi Tournament Tn The World:

  • How to SET Up your Half Guard, the details and concepts that will allow you to be the best
  • A Reverse Arm  Bar that gives you an UNFAIR Advantage
  • The “Coin Sweep”
  • Spinning Sweeps
  • Tornado Leg Lock from 1/2 Guard
  • Mule Kick Sweep
  • Pile Driver Sweep
  • Foot Grab Sweep
  • Farmer Sweep
  • Last Minute Sweep
  • Flying Triangle
  • Upper Body Lock 

Listen to THIS:  

You want to have a “super power” in Jiu Jitsu?

Then You Should ABSOLUTELY Keep reading:


The easiest way to TAP HIGHER BELTS is with foot locks, this is the secret BLACK BELTS don’t want the lower belts knowing. It just gives you an UNFAIR ADVANTAGE!!

Buchecha has been tapping black and brown belts with foot locks for years now, EVERYONE KNOWS he is A KILLER with leg locks. He has won 6 BJJ World Championships using them, including the 2012 Absolute and his weght as a Black Belt.

 He used these moves to do that. But he has been using these for years on all different belts and so can YOU.

Even if your a blue belt or a white belt.

You can now start to tap black and brown belts with leg locks.

Volume # 2

Leg Locks

Buchecha gives you the keys to the kingdom here. You will never have to fear rolling against a guy with better Jiu Jitsu then you. Just use this simple footlock system and gain a seriously unfair advantage.

  • Passing Half Guard Spinning Knee Bar
  • Double Trouble Leg Attack
  • Elbow Lock Spin Around Toe Hold
  • Rear Naked Toe Hold
  • Straight Foot Lock From The Open Guard
  • Straight Foot Lock From The Deep Half
  • Leg Over Knee Bar Into A Toe Hold
  • Kick the Leg Toe Hold
  • One Hand Foot Lock
  • X Guard Knee Bar
  • X Guard Toe Hold
  • One Hand Toe Hold
  • Calf Slicer
  • 50/50 Straight Foot Lock
  • Reverse Straight Foot Lock
  • 50/50 SIde Body Foot Lock
  • 50/50 One Hand Foot Lock
  • 50/50 Calf Slicer
  • 50/50 Toe Hold
  • 50/50 Calf Slicer from Back Take

Volume #3

Highly Effective Passes

These passes break give you the immediate access to getting around even the trickiest guard. Not, just using power and strength to get through but real simple easy to use details to get you through even the craziest upside down guard, with NO PROBLEM.

  • How to set up the passing WITHOUT EVEN GETTING YOUR GRIPS
  • The Kick out pass
  • Jump Over Pass
  • Jumping Loop Choke
  • Jumping Kimura to Armbar
  • Crooked Omoplata
  • Rolling Kimura
  • Pass To Mount To Armbar
  • Deep Half To Take The Back 
  • Double Underhook Pass to Side Control
  • Double Underhook Pass To Take The Back
  • Double Underhook Pass To Lapel Choke

Volume #4

Mount And Back

These are the most dominate positions in Jiu Jitsu. In this volume you get access to a major twist on the basics that will leave able to finish EVERY TIME.

  • Mounted X Choke
  • Lapel Variation X Choke
  • No Hands X Choke
  • Mount to Wrist Lock To Armbar
  • Turtle To Arm Trap Back Take
  • Turtle Back Take To Seat Belt 
  • Rolling Back Take To Seat Belt
  • Triple Attack, Back To Bow And Arrow To Arm Bar

4 Full Length Disks

Over 4 hours of Content

You get a full 60 positions broken down into easy to understand sections, to transform your total game. These moves have been used to win at the highest level of competition. The thing about them is that they can be used by white belts all the way up to Black Belts. You are getting the opportunity of a life time with this limited time offer..


The Total Control System works for ALL BELT LEVELS.

You should have at least a few months to get the fundamentals of jiu jitsu to get the most out of  the moves

And if you are an advanced BJJ Fighter, you will be AMAZED by the positions in this System, you get the details that MAKE ALL THE DIFFERENCE in actually executing these in real life. 

With all this content WE MUST BE CRAZY to sell this for anything less then $499 dollars..

How much would you pay for 4 FULL HOURS of Instruction one on one with The Best BJJ Fighter in the World…

…When a single hour private costs over $200!!


This dvd Set regularly costs $197 and This Cyber week is for the first 55 orders only (It's all we have in stock) So order now!!  Just $97 


4:28PM EST

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